Is your vision getting a little bit blurry? Or has it been a few years since you’ve been in to see the optometrist? My most recent visit to my eye doctor was seven years removed from my last one, and it was definitely necessary. Thankfully, my eyes were disease free, didn’t have cataracts, and other than needed to upgrade my prescription for one eye by an extra 0.5, all was well. This is not always true though, and for many people, it’s a good idea to regularly visit the optometrist to make sure that your eye-health is consistent.
Optometry Greenwich, CTOptical Options offers what I consider to be the best Optometry in Greenwich. Not only are they friendly and fun, but they have a great selection of frames and contacts. I’m not much of a contact wearer, but I did just upgrade my frames, and I’m very happy with the process it took. But what are some things that might want to ask your optometrist the next time you’re in?

1. What is my visual acuity?

2. Do I have a peripheral field loss?

3. What new symptoms should I watch out for in regards to vision loss?

4. How can I protect my eyes from UV light during bright summer months?

5. Are there any dietary changes that I can make to aid in eye health?

Obviously there are many more questions that you could ask your optometrist, so you’ll want to do your homework before going in so that you can receive the most out of your routine eye exam. Consider your health history (not just eye health) when coming up with questions so that you can be sure to protect your eyesight as well as inform your optometrist about conditions that may or may not affect your eye health going forward.