being fit for glassesByram Shore, Rosenwald Park and the Great Captain Lighthouse are popular attractions here in Greenwich, CT, for both locals and tourists. They are the perfect spots to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. But to be able to enjoy these attractions you have to have the eyes for it.

Getting regular eye exams and wearing the right glasses and contact lenses for your eyes is important for your health. And finding the right optometrist in Greenwich is important for your family. Here at Optical Options, we will take care of your family’s eyes.

Optical Options is a full service optical and optometric examination facility. Dr. Manny H. Greitzer has been serving the Greenwich community since 1986, providing quality patient care with excellent medical practices.

eye test at the doctorsOptical Options provides general exams and expert contact fittings to find the best solution for your eyes and vision. Optical Options also provides reasonably priced frames in a variety of styles to suit your needs. If contact lenses are more in your line of vision, Optical Options offers a wide selection of the latest RGP and soft contact lenses to fit your eye type.

Visit the contact page to schedule an appointment today. Come and see what Optical Options can do for you. Trust the best with your eyes!