Dr. Manny H. Greitzer

Dr. Manny H. Greitzer is the most experienced eye doctor in town. Dr. Greitzer has been practicing optometry since 1975 and brings his vast pool of experience that not only provides quality patient care, but also excellent medical practices acquired over such a long and distinguished career. He first opened Optical Options in Manhattan in 1981, and has been here in Greenwich, Connecticut since 1986.  He has become an integral part of the community, and has helped thousands of customers improve their quality of vision as well as their quality of life.

Dr. Greitzer is dedicated to establishing a professional environment where customers can get the best treatment without sacrificing patient care and customer satisfaction. It is with this goal in mind that Dr. Greitzer has established Optical Options and its staff. Optical Options’ staff takes great pride in making eye examinations and corrections an easy and comfortable experience.

Besides practicing Optometry, Dr. Greitzer is the innovator and founder of Eater’s Readers TM: a beautiful presentation of a box of reading glasses provided for you when in need at restaurants. He saw the need, and he solved it.

Dr.Greitzer, who is quite diversified, personable, caring, erudite, and funny, has written over 5,500 quips in the last 48 months under his sesquipedelic title “Quintessentially Quaint to Completely Corny Queries and Quips.” He has decided to share them with the world on Twitter. His handle is @dadjokesbydad. Some are available here, but for the body of his work (about 2,00 posted as of July, 2015), go and see and/or follow him at… twitter.com.

The Staff

Gloria Our frame buyer, has also been in the Optical Field all of her life, first working for us in our NYC location. She is great at making you both see and look great! She definitely has a ‘Flair,, for Your Eyewear’

Michelle has been with us over a dozen years and works only on Saturdays. She was in the Optical Field long before joining Optical Options, and is a welcomed addition to our knowledgeable and most helpful staff.

Optical Options is proud to not only offer excellent service, but numerous frames in a variety of styles that are both well made and reasonably priced as well. We also provide a wide selection of the latest and best in contact lenses. We guarantee that you will walk out of Optical Options with an extra spring in your step. Come in and see what we can do for you today!