If you find yourself straining your eyes just to read something ten feet away, then it may be time to consider having your eyes examined by the best optometrist in the area. Even if your vision has not wavered throughout the years, you should still make regular appointments for a thorough eye examination to help prevent or treat any potential eye diseases such as glaucoma.

Dr. Greitzer is a local eye doctor that provides general eye exams as well as expert fittings for contact lenses. Lenses for astigmatism are no challenge at all, and we fit multifocals and monovision techniques. With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of optometry, Dr. Greitzer ensures his patients that they will be treated, examined, and diagnosed by an expert professional.

Whether you are looking for corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses, each eye exam will be the same. Dr. Greitzer, himself, will administer a comprehensive eye examination, which will indicate which prescription will best benefit your eyes and vision. Even if you do not have need for glasses or contact lenses, an eye exam is still vitally important to your health. Dr. Greitzer also checks for any signs that may cause concern for your eye health, such as the onset of glaucoma. This common eye condition, as well as many others, are easier to treat if caught early, so it’s important to schedule yearly eye exams to ensure your overall eye health. If you have any questions at anytime during the eye examination, please do not hesitate to ask. Getting educated answers from an experienced and qualified professional can bring a great deal of comfort and peace.

After your eye exam is complete, Dr. Greitzer will discuss what options are available for you. If you choose contact lenses, then Dr. Greitzer will provide you with the various contact options and which will be best for your specific case.

Dr. Greitzer fits all types of contact lenses, ranging from simple single vision to bifocals to multifocals, torics for astigmatism, and even both combined. Gas permeable hard lenses, disposable and overnight lenses, and colored soft lenses are also available. Additionally we are amongst the 1st to carry the eye enhancing, outer ring, Acuvue ‘Define’ line of contact lenses, so be sure to get an appointment and order contact lenses through Optical Options today.

  • We now are among the first to offer the Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses w Transitions ability, meaning they will automatically get darker in the sun, and return to clear when needed.

Which contact lens type is right for you will depend on a variety of factors, including the unique shape of your eye. Your contacts will be fitted to match the specific size and shape of your eye. Dr. Greitzer will take these measurements and will then determine which type of lens will best fit your eye, giving you the best results in improved vision without sacrificing comfort. This process may include trial lenses to better help determine which lens works best for you.

Optical Options prices on Contact Lenses is fair and competitive, especially as all major brands of recent are restricted by a uniform pricing policy demanded by most manufacturers where they can’t be sold below a stipulate price. We however will always endeavor to match anyone’s price on an annual purchase.

We include with every annual purchase; any rebates available, some samples to tide you over, a travel size kit, free overnight delivery, and discount for a purchase of Rx eyeglasses or sunglasses made at the same time.

Dr. Greitzer is the most experienced eye doctor around and is available five days a week. Appointments are easy to get and will always receive top priority, but walk-ins are also welcomed. In addition to treating medical eye conditions, Dr. Greitzer co-manages laser refractive surgery as well as cataract surgery with Board Certified ophthalmologists.