How often do you visit your optometrist? Once every six months? Once a year? Once every three or five years? Never? How often you do visit your friendly neighborhood optometrist in Greenwich, Connecticut, and how often you should visit are probably two different things. But the truth is, it kind of varies for everyone.

First, there’s the initial visit. Generally speaking, public schools provide an initial and simple eye chart reading for elementary aged children. Children who read the chart fine need not worry about another eye exam until they begin having eye problems.

If you have blurred vision or frequently get headaches or easily get tired eyes while reading, you should come give us a visit and let us check your vision. This is the point where you’ll get a prescription or be diagnosed with an eye condition of some kind. You will also find out how often you should visit the optometrist.

For adults ages 18-40 who are risk-free, eye exams should be performed every two to three years. At-risk adults (those who suffer from the symptoms above) should consult their optometrist every year or every-other year. Optically healthy adults ages 41-60 should schedule an appointment every two years and at risk adults of this age should see their eye doctor once a year. Most professionals and the American Optometric Association recommend adults age 61 and over should see their eye doctor annually, regardless of their health conditions.

How often you visit your local optometrist really does depend on your age, health conditions, and symptoms. But whatever your conditions and age are, Optical Options wants to encourage you to schedule an appointment if you haven’t had an eye exam in the last three years. Your sight is a precious thing. Don’t let it go to waste!