Optical Options offers a plethora of lens types, functions, varieties, and thickness:

  • We offer Polycarbonate as well as Trivex for all children and sportsman, as they are extra strong as well as light.
  • We now have the sun darkening lenses in not just Gray and Brown but in Green and Blue as well, and although very new, even additional colors might soon be available. That will work with most any type of lens or prescription, as well as full tints, gradient tints, mirrors, polarized lenses and combinations thereof.
  • We offer many levels of thinness’ for high prescriptions culminating in an incredibly thin lens actually custom fabricated for us by Zeiss Optics,in Europe, to your frame, and so amazingly worth the extra wait!
  • We have amber lenses for shooting and anti-glare lenses best for everyone.
  • Newest we have a host of blue inhibiting lenses so necessary due to their potential harmful radiation from all TV’s and electronic devices!

There was a time when corrective eyewear had a fairly strong negative connotation. We’ve come a long way since then. Today, eyewear is not only practical for those in need of corrective lenses, but also fashionable. The frames you choose for your new glasses can say a lot about your sense of style and personality. You definitely do not want to settle for a pair that does not fully represent who you are. For this reason, we are proud to provide and offer a wide variety of stylish and designer eyeglasses. Discover your favorite designer fashion eyeglasses here at Optical Options as well.

Take a look at our huge selection of numerous stylish frames.

      • Now featuring the exclusive Chanel Bijou!
      • Chanel
      • Vince Camuto
      • Revo
      • Erkers
      • Barton Perreira
      • Tom Ford
      • Ralph Lauren
      • Sama
      • Lori Rodkin
      • Tory Burch
      • Dita
      • Kate Spade
      • Carrera
      • Bulgari
      • Porsche
      • D & G
      • Polo
      • Boz
      • Oko by Oko
      • Giorgio Armani
      • Ray Ban
      • Monoqool
      • Persol
      • Gucci
      • Judith Leiber
      • Elizabeth & James
      • Vanessa & Mehdi
      • I.Green
      • Vanni
      • Phone
      • NW 77th
      • Fendi
      • and much, much more.


Our inventory of readers includes:

      • Scojo gels
      • and the preferred by men – Slim Folds.

Other offices may be content with their current inventory, but not here at Optical Options. We recognize that fashion comes and goes; what may be fashionable today may not be so tomorrow. Ask anyone that has lived more than two decades and they’ll tell you just how radically and fast style can change. Therefore, we endeavor to increase our inventory with many new popular eyeglass frames, lines and trends discovered at the International Expos we frequently attend. Consequently, our selection is continuously being updated to bring you the latest styles, trends, and technology.