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How Well Can Animals See Compared to Humans?

Optical Options dishes out (pretend) prescriptions for all kinds of animals!

Many kinds of animals cannot see as well as humans do. While we do not recommend buying a pair of glasses for your cat Fluffy or your neighbor’s dog Fido, we can write up some hypothetical prescriptions for them. Let’s take a look and […]

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Should You Be Wearing Contacts Instead of Glasses?

If you are in need of vision correction, then you have an important decision to make: eyeglasses or contact lenses? To be honest, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Both options offer pros and cons. The best thing you can do is to inform yourself on both options and determine which best fits […]

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How Often You Should Visit the Optometrist

How often do you visit your optometrist? Once every six months? Once a year? Once every three or five years? Never? How often you do visit your friendly neighborhood optometrist in Greenwich, Connecticut, and how often you should visit are probably two different things. But the truth is, it kind of varies for everyone.

First, […]

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