If you are in need of vision correction, then you have an important decision to make: eyeglasses or contact lenses? To be honest, it mostly comes down to personal preference. Both options offer pros and cons. The best thing you can do is to inform yourself on both options and determine which best fits your needs and wants. However, if you are one who has worn glasses for an extended period of time and find yourself growing tired of always having to have a pair on your face, then maybe it’s time to consider switching over to contact lenses. Here are some of the benefits of choosing contacts over glasses:

  • Contacts are placed directly on the eye which provide enhanced and unobstructed peripheral vision
  • You can participate in sporting or outdoor activities without having to fear for your glasses’ safety
  • You can change your own eye color, or enhance your natural eye color, with colored contact lenses
  • Contacts will not clash with your fashion sense for a particular day
  • Some contact lenses can actually reshape your cornea while you sleep

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that contact lenses require daily care in order to keep them functioning properly and also to protect your eyes from possible infections. You must be diligent in properly caring for your contact lens at the end of each day. If not, then consider using daily disposable lenses. If you decide to switch over to contacts, it is still a good idea to keep a pair of eyeglasses with your current prescription should you need them in case of emergencies. Talk to your optometrist more about the benefits of having contact lenses as well as the disadvantages. Whatever you decide to do should be a well-informed decision.


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