People choose to wear contact lenses for many reasons. Some wear contact lenses to correct their vision, some for cosmetic purposes, and some wear them for therapeutic reasons. No matter what you use contact lenses for, here are some general facts about contact lenses you should know:

Always Talk To An Eye Doctor

When you choose contact lenses, there are many things to consider. An eye doctor will help you clarify any concerns you have, and advise you to choose the type of contact lenses that works best for your eye condition.

Contact lenses are available in many materials and designs. Based on your visual needs and eye conditions, your eye doctor will decide which type of contact lenses best fits your lifestyle.

Contact Lens Care

Contact lenses are easy and comfortable to wear; however, you should not ignore the importance of taking care for your contact lenses. It used to take several steps to clean and disinfect your contact lenses. Nowadays, with multipurpose solutions, contact lenses can be cleaned and disinfected easily. Remember to clean your contact lenses every time you use them.

It is also important to clean your case regularly. You should wash your contact lens case with solutions and let the case air dry. Also remember to change your contact lens case every three months.

Contact Lens Wear

Some people might experience dry eyes, redness, tearing, and blurry vision when they wear contact lenses. Remove the contact lenses and consult your eye doctor immediately if you experience those symptoms. It might take time to find the type of contact lenses that work for you. However, make sure to follow instructions about wearing time and other care practices to protect your vision.

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