When we hear the words “contact lenses”, different situations and events come to our minds, some of which could be quite unforgettable. Among those, the ones that are the most memorable are dry eyes, discomfort, and high maintenance.

If these are the words that come up to your mind when you think of contacts, it’s time to kiss them goodbye. At Optical Options, we have everything it takes for you to have a positive experience when the subject is contact lenses. We offer only the best brands and products so your experience won’t be as rough as the competitor’s contacts.

If you are still on the contacts vs glasses battle and haven’t decided which one to pick, we have the best of both options. With our on-site lab, your prescription glasses will be ready in an hour or less.

We have a great variety of contact lenses, but if for some reason we need to order them, we will give you a pair of disposable contacts so you won’t be left hung out to dry until you get your contacts on the next day.

Part of the discomfort and the dryness come from bad contacts maintenance. For those who are new in the contacts’ world, and for those who need a refresher in how to take better care of your contacts, here is a video that will help:

Optical Options is a company that focuses on the welfare of your family. We are willing to do anything that our customers ask us as far as our products go. Excellence and optimization in our products and services is our focus. If you have any questions, or want to know more about our products, call us or stop by. At Optical Options, we care for you.