Contacts used to be just a new way for those that had to wear glasses to be able to see without wearing their glasses 24/7. But now, contacts come in all different shapes, colors, and crazy looks! Contacts are used in costumes, movies, and even just for fun.

Take a look at the types of contacts we found including colorful auras, crazy shapes, creepy cover-ups, and even those found in the movies!

Colorful Contact Lenses:

While our eyes come in a beautiful array of colors, lime green, purple, and orange don’t tend to be in the range of the human eye. So sometimes it is kind of fun to put a surprising pop of color into your eye, there are even rainbow contacts!

Green Contacts


red contact lenses


orange contact lenses


purple contact lenses


rainbow contact lenses


Cat Eyes:

Ever noticed that the feline species have eyes that almost look like they have been squished vertically? Ever wondered what that might look like on a human being? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore!

green cat eye contacts

red cat eye contact lenses

two tone cat eye contact lenses

purple and yellow cat eye contact lenses



Now these, these are just crazy! All different kinds of shapes including beloved and recognizable characters can now sit atop your eyes for all to see.

batman contact lenses
soccerball contact lenses

Hello Kitty contact lenses

red spiderweb contact lenses


Star contact lenses
moon and stars contact lenses



A genre made for the Halloween junkie. These contacts allow you to completely white out your eye, black out your eye, or change the eye into something totally unrecognizable. Yikes!

creepy green contact lenses

white contact lenses

creepy black and red contact lenses

creepy red and yellow contact lenses


In the Movies:

I’m sure you’ve noticed while watching movies that the occasional character’s eyes just don’t quite look normal. There are many instances in which actors and actresses are asked to wear contacts; these are a few of those instances.

The Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland: The Mad Hatter

Bella from Twilight

Twilight: Bella

The Grinch

The Grinch

Darth Maul

Star Wars: Darth Maul

X-Men Mystique

X-Men: Mystique

Storm from X-Men

X-Men: Storm

Spiderman's Electro

Spiderman: Electro