Glasses are great because they help you see, there is no doubt about that. But they get in the way. They are a pain if you are an active person. The solution? Contact lenses. Contact lenses are great to get those glasses off your face and out of the way. Or maybe you have special glasses for different reasons such as multifocal or astigmatism. We have the answer to that to. Get the right lenses and get them fitted at Optical Options in Greenwich, CT.

Contact lenses are great for the active individual. Glasses can be a hassle, especially if you want to put on your sunglasses. This causes a large problem. You can take your glasses off to put your sunglasses on, but then you have the problem of not being able to see clearly. You could also try to put your sunglasses over your glasses, but that is just awkward. What if you were to just leave those darn glasses at home and still be able to see with your contact lenses. That causes no issue whatsoever. Put your sunglasses on no problem on your mountain biking trip, and don’t lose your glasses on your river rapid adventure.

Maybe you are not as active but need your glasses because they are bifocals or you have astigmatism. Well contact lenses have an answer for that as well. Here at Optical Options in Greenwich, we can fit you for multifocal lenses and lenses for astigmatism. We also offer colored lenses and hard gas permeable lenses, if those fit your needs.

Optical Options has been serving the Greenwich, CT community for 27 years. We have a full optometric examination facility and full service optical shop. Come in today to get your contact lenses from us at Optical Options.