Picking a right pair of glasses can enhance your facial feature and your overall look. Understand your face shape and characteristics of each face shape will help you make a good decision.

Oval shaped faces

An oval face is considered the ideal face shape because it can pull off any types of frames. However, keep in mind your proportion. If you face is small, you might consider half frames. In contrast, longer faces suit best with full frames.

Round shaped face

Width and length of a round face is equally proportionate. Therefore, choosing a pair of glass that helps to make a round face look narrower is crucial. Rectangular or angular frames create more angles for a round face.

Oblong shaped face

Oblong face is rectangular, and the face is longer than it is wide. This shape needs frames that make the face appear wider and shorter. One advice is choosing full sized frames with rectangular structures.

Diamond shaped face

This face shape is narrow at the forehead and the chin, with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face. For this face shape, the goal is to add fullness to the upper part of the face. Diamond faces suit with oval and high temple frames.

Square shaped face

This face has angular features with a wide and defines jawline and a square chin. Frames that enhance square faces are oval or round frames with soft and light materials like acetate or plastics.

Triangle shaped face

A triangle face is defined by a narrow forehead and the lower part of the face expanding wider. The key for this face is to add width to the forehead with two-toned glasses with a heavy top and a rimless bottom.

Heart or Inverted Triangle Shaped Face

Prominent characteristics of this face shape are a broad forehead and a narrow chin. People with heart shaped faces might want to balance the proportion of their faces by pick frames with wide bottoms.