Buying new glasses and frames can be a difficult procedure. As this item will own permanent real estate on your face for a long time, it is not something to be treated lightly. Now, you could try on every pair of glasses the store has to offer, or you could be smarter about it. At Optical Options we recommend the later.

So here are a few tips on how to narrow down your search for the perfect optics before you ever even try any on.

First, your glasses should highlight your own best features. For example: if you have bright blue eyes you might try putting on a blue frame. This would bring out the natural color in your eyes and would go well with the rest of your face.

Second, the frame shape should contrast your face shape and be in the right scale. If you have a round face, we recommend you look at rectangular shaped frames. To make a square face appear more balanced, we recommend you use narrow frame styles and ovals instead of squares.

Third, color is crucial. People fall into either the cool blue based or the warm yellow base categories. Everyone looks better with glasses matching their personal color base. So, in determining your color scheme take a look at your skin tone first, then your eyes and hair. Most people in the United States have a cool complexion. So be ready!

At Optical Options we admit buying new glasses and frames isn’t easy. So, before you come in review these tips so you know right where to look when you come in. See you soon!